If we were to describe Karen’s Kaptured Moments and what they are about in a short paragraph, it is simply that we love to “Kapture” a moment in time for our clients that shows the raw-to-the-bone, true emotions, so that when our clients memories begin to fade they are able to look at our image and relive every single part of that moment for a lifetime.
The first thing people tend to look at when selecting photographers, is that price. Karen’s Kaptured Moments, also known as KKM Photos, wants to provide our clients with a service that is nothing less than affordable. We want the pictures to not only be affordable, but we also want that “one perfect picture” you have had in your head, to come to life and stretch beyond your imagination ever could have.
Not only do we want our services to be affordable, but we are also “client driven.” What we mean by client driven, is that we will go where YOU, our client, wants us to. We strive off of natural light photography, being outside and working with the pure natural beauty to help our images not only be unique, but also to be ones that cannot be “kaptured” exactly like that again. We feel that not only is creativity a big part of what we do, but also being in the right place at the right time to take advantage of the photo opp the mother nature has given us.
KKM Photos was originally started in 2011 by me, Karen Miller. Since then, I have expanded my horizons to places I never thought I would go or could go. It has taken a lot of dedication and perseverance to “keep on, keepin’ on” when in moments of doubt. However, with the amazing support system I have made up of family and friends that are more like family, as well as my daughter, Kayla Hieston, the speed bumps were easily overcame, my passion burned a little deeper, and new opportunities have knocked at the door.
From when I first began, I have not only had to upgrade my equipment, but I also expanded in size. About a year after I began this journey, my daughter, Kayla, began working alongside me when she was able to. I have been able to watch her grow, to help her grow, and to allow her to help me grow as well. The “business partner” relationship doesn’t really exist between the two of us; it’s more like a “teammate” relationship.


For most of our photoshoots, our clients will get not just one, but two photographers, allowing us to make the most of each moment, and catch photos that aren’t planned because one of us will see something from a different angle than the other one will. With two photographers, we are able to combine three ideas, mine, Kayla’s, and yours, and come up with something better than we ever thought possible.
We ask you to take a moment, look at our raves, to look at our portfolio, and contact us for pricing. We hope that in this short little piece about us you were able to get a sense of what we are about, how we function, and what we provide to our clients. To those that have supported us, given us business, or possibly taken us out on a new adventure, Thank You.

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